Jen Cox on...."Why weight training is essential for long term results Especially the ladies "*

Monday, 3 August 2015, By Jen Cox

Weight Training - So you have heard that its a must but your not sure why? Worried that you may actually put on weight? Worried that you will end up looking like the incredible hulk? Worried that maybe this wont be a good idea for your joints and you may actaully get injured. Well guys, stop right there! Im here to fill you in on why it is actually imperitive that weights must exist in your weekly routine.

Firstly ladies, you have no where near enough testosterone present in your bodies to build the kind of muscle you're scared of. Even if you did, you would need to be eating a truck load of protein to suppliment that result. The good news, all woman do have a little bit of testosterone but only enough to build those lovely lean muscles we all want for the beach. You can ensure that those lean muscles can be seen by all by eating a little bit of lean protein with every meal, little and often. On a different note, as we age (and I'm talking post 20's) our muscles are on the decline. This means that is important to keep them strong by lifting those weights.  If our lean muscle mass is increasing, what else is likely to increase? You got it, YOUR MATABOLISM! Which means you can have that treat and be guilt free (in moderation).

IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO START! Did you know that weight training severely decreases your chance of developing Osteoporosis no matter what your age? Just remember to start light and slow and build your weight as your buld your strength.

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