Macronutrients - The Lowdown*

Thursday, 27 October 2016, By Louise Barter

Long past are the days of counting calories to lose weight. Today it is all about eating towards your macros, to ensure your body gets the right fuel it needs to get through the day and achieve your goals. But what exactly are "macros" and what does it mean to "eat towards them"?

The term "macros" is short for macronutrients. Macronutrients are the essential components of our foods (and drink) that help fuel our body. Still confused? You may have also heard of macros referred to in their own individual right, Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates.

Each macro plays a very important role in fuelling the body and all are essential for your body to work as effectively as possible both in and out of the gym.

Protein is essential for tissue repair and muscle growth which helps maintain your metabolism. It also provides satiety, meaning it keeps you fuller for longer and reduces cravings for high carbohydrate and fatty foods. Lean meat, nuts and seeds are all fantastic sources of protein.

Fat. When talking fat, we are talking good fats. Fats are important in our diet as it helps to balance blood sugar levels, maintain body temperature and transport essential vitamins around our body. Good sources of fat include olive oil, avocados and salmon.

Carbohydrates are the third macronutrient. Carbs get a bit of a bad rap in terms of nutrition, but they are just as essential as the other macronutrients. Carbohydrates are the bodies main source of fuel and your body will always burn carbohydrates first over any other sources of energy. However, it is important to get the correct amount as the body can only use a certain amount, if too many are consumed, they get stored as fat. Good sources of carbohydrates include brown rice, green veggies and fruit.

Now we understand the "what" behind macronutrients, it is important to understand the "why", why is it important to eat towards your macros?

Everyone's body requires different amounts of macronutrients depending on their body type, activity level and overall goal. Eating towards your macros simply means getting the correct amount of carbs, proteins and fats your body needs to achieve your goal.

How do you work this out? Well, here at Vision Personal Training Double Bay, clients are given a tailored nutritional plan based on their body type, activity level and goal. Therefore, the guess work is taken out of it. What's more, the Vision Virtual Training app includes a food diary so you can input your daily food and "eat towards your macros"!

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