Guy Sherlock

Fitness - Going to Vision has also become a part of my daily routine*

What was your motivation for starting at Vision?

I started at Vision as I had been working in an office job for a couple of years, spending most of the day sitting behind a desk. Previously my work has been very active. I noticed that not only was I unfit but I had less energy throughout the day.


What have you accomplished on your journey?

The first 9 weeks was a lot of hard work but also very rewarding and liberating. I achieved my weight loss goals and began to have more energy and feel better about training.


How has it changed your life?

I am a lot more aware and on top of what I do, with strength training, as well as cardio and most importantly with my food. Going to Vision has also become a part of my daily routine, most morning I do an hour session before I head off to work.


What has been the hardest thing you've encountered during your journey?

The hardest thing by far for me was changing my food habits, tracking every single thing that I consume made me realise how poorly I had been eating. I am a very social person, eating out quite often. I now consider my food and drink choices to ensure I don't jeopardise the hard work I've done with my training.


What advice would you give others considering starting at Vision?

Give it a go! Sure, it can be off-putting starting out at a gym in particular if you don't feel great about yourself, but the Trainers and the clients training alongside you will make you feel very welcome and comfortable. We're really lucky at Vision, Double Bay that everyone looks out for one another, which helps keep driving the motivation.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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