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Hi and Welcome to Vision Personal Training Drummoyne! We are a small and friendly studio and have been changing the lives of the people in Drummoyne and surrounds since 2007. My name is Jeff Chapel and I'm the Owner of your local studio. Having made a career change in 2009 and stepped straight into the community of Vision I can whole heartedly say it's by far the best decision I've ever made, both personally and professionally. It's a very unique "job" where we get to run around in shorts and tshirt's and see hundreds of our closest mates every week! I'm a keen runner, have a solid background in rugby league, cricket and basketball amongst other sports..You just cant beat working in a team! Speaking of teams, I'm super proud of my team here at the studio, I'd be surpised if you havent seen us running around the street of Drummoyne at all sorts of hours ,or school fetes, the local fun runs and charity evenings in the area. We are truly passionate about 'giving back' to the locals in the area and trying to have a positive impact on everyone we meet. We have a diverse group of Personal Trainers with strengths in exercise physiology, strength and condidtioning, running, triathlons, team sports, weight lifting, boxing, wrestling, fat loss and of course nutrition! Coming into my 6th year at Vision I can say this year looks like being our most exciting with some big plans in the pipeline. Thank you for jumping on our page, if you'd like to arrange a time to catch up and learn how we can help you improve your health and fitness and create a better lifestyle for you, simply hit the enquire tab and submit your details. I cant wait to meet you!

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Macronutrients Made Simple

Everything you need to know about macros

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5 Ways To Stay Fit Over 50

As we age, we gain wisdom and experience. Unfortunately, we also lose things like muscle function and hormone production. Let's find 5 quick ways to keep fit over 50!

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3 Proven Skills to Stop Self Sabotage!

Are you one of the many people who's progress goes out the window in times of stress? Do you find yourself searching for a sugar fix when you're feeling blue? Learning these 3 proven CBT skills will give you the tools you need to keep moving forward when times are tough!

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Top 5 Tips for Travelling

Going on holiday with the fam? Travelling a lot for work? Long weekend coming up? Use these top 5 tips to keep you on track while away!

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How to get into the Fat Burning Zone

How hard should we work during exercise? For how long? Why? Read on to find out how to quickly get into the Fat Burning Zone and stay there!

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Reduce Your Risk of Cancer, Heart Disease and Diabetes… Eat Fat!

How much do you know about good fats? What's the difference between Omega 6 and Omega 3? What health implications are you at risk of?


Got back pain? DO THIS!

Have a quick read to understand WHY you're getting lower back pain, and then try these 3 steps to ensure it doesn't continue.

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Alcohol Hacks

Now, you might think that we at Vision think alcohol is the devil’s water - but that’s not true… we do know how to have fun… Really! But hopefully you’ve read all about how alcohol impacts your results in the previous article. If you’re still struggling to find the courage to tell your mates you’re trying to kick the tins, below are 4 easy hacks to help you reduce your alcohol intake, without feeling like you’re sacrificing anything!


4 Ways Alcohol is Impacting Your Progress

Alcohol is a big part of the Australian culture and way of life - You’ll be hard-pressed to go to a BBQ, birthday party or casual Sunday lunch where alcohol doesn’t get the invite too. While it is important to enjoy life’s guilty pleasures, just how often should you be indulging? And exactly what is going to happen to your progress if alcohol crashes the party too often?


How to beat the top 3 excuses

We’ve all been there, especially during those first few weeks of beginning an exercise routine. The alarm clock goes off and the muscles are sore, it feels as though the time between closing your eyes to go to sleep and opening them again was a mere blink and you can feel the past few days of training are starting to take their toll on the muscles. So how do we push on when we’re convinced we have nothing left in the tank?

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Quick Fix: Blood Pressure and Circulation

How to reduce blood pressure and improve circulation – it’s in your blood.


4 Ways to Make Meal Prep Easy

When trying to lose fat or build muscle, having healthy food options on hand is extremely important and it doesn't have to take over your life! Read on to find out how..

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5 Reasons Sugar Is Killing You!

Did you know that 80% of the Super market is Sugar? But what effect is that having on us?

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5 Simple Steps To Make Tracking Your Food Easy

93% of clients who have achieved their goal said that they have utilised their food diary. Whether it's through our constantly improving VVT app, the VVT website or simply on paper. The way that some people do it can sometimes make it seem laborious, unenjoyable and boring - but that doesn't HAVE to be the case!

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Exercise while pregnant - should I or shouldn't I?

Pregnancy is a life changing experience, whether it’s your first, second or sixth time. Being responsible for a small life can be daunting and confusing enough without throwing the need to exercise in there. Often new mothers are puzzled with questions about keeping their child safe and the uncertainty of exercise and eating effects throughout pregnancy.

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Exercise as a medicine - 6 things you need to know

How does Exercise benefit us outside of Weight Loss?

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Overcoming the Barriers of Stress

Stress is the number one biological factor that ages us, alongside sleep and a poor diet. The world we live in today is inundated with stress and a lack of physical activity. So what are the barriers which prevent people from engaging in physical activity and exercise, and why?

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Supplements Simplified

Supplements. There always seems to be some new ‘BAZOOKA BLASTING ENERGY SHOT’ and ‘SUPER DOOPER SHAKE AND BAKE’ but what’s essential and what really works? From protein powder to multi vitamins and everything in between. So, what’s important for our everyday health and fitness? Let's have a look.


Guide to Independent Weight Training

Stereotypic gyms have a designated ‘weights area’, dominated by testosterone, stringer singlets and glaring eyes. Fortunately enough, Vision Drummoyne is not a ‘stereotypical gym’, nor is it filled with incredible hulks and perfect supermodels ready to intimidate. The studio creates a welcoming atmosphere, supportive of anyone and everyone to do independent weight training. So! Why not try some independent weights? Read on to find out how..

Weight Loss

Some Simple Keys to Fat Loss (Part 2)

Are you struggling to lose those last 5 kilograms? Do you want a flatter stomach? Have a quick look at part 2 of 'Some Simple Keys to Fat Loss' and see how many you are following. If you’re lost for ideas why not give them a try and see the results firsthand.

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Some Simple Keys to Fat Loss (Part 1)

Are you struggling to lose those last 5 kilograms? Do you want a flatter stomach? Have a quick look at part 1 of 'Some Simple Keys to Fat Loss' and see how many you are following. If you’re lost for ideas why not give them a try and see the results firsthand.

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Burn Fat While You Rest

You may ask how can I lose weight while resting?

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Low Intensity Vs High Intensity

A nice relaxing walk in the park or sweating it out on the treadmill with sprints? Which would you prefer? Well we are going to give you all the facts below so you can make your own choice for what best suites you and your goals.

Weight Loss

Newbie to Natural: A Beginners Guide to Running

'I don't run' A statement I hear all too often by friends, clients and even fellow fitness professionals. But we all know the scenario too well - what do you think happens as soon as a parent loses their child in a shopping centre? Or at the Easter show? The primal instinct comes out! The problem with that original statement is that the human body is designed to run.

Personal Training

Beat Gout and Get Fit

Did you know that Gout will affect up to 2% of the Australian population per year and can last for years! It can hold you back from physical activity put your attempts to shift body weight or change body shape on hold. In this article read how you can beat gout AND get fit - it's simple!

Weight Loss

Not all calories are created equal!

So you’ve mastered the food diary, are hitting your calorie intake or “macro’s” (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) but for some reason the scales aren’t complying quite as you had hoped. Feeling bloated, lethargic and the 3pm craving is still rearing its ugly head! Might be a case of not enough MICROS in your MACROS!

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How to supress those cravings

Do you ever find or have you ever heard someone mention that it’s hard to lose weight because they've found that they love food too much and can't stop eating? Chances are that they're doing it the hard way. Here are a few simple tips and tricks to ensure you always feel full throughout the day:

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4 ways that eating fat helps burn fat

WHAT?! Eating fat burns fat? That sounds contradictory to the fat phobic view that many have adopted. By taking fats out of your diet you’re actually taking away a valuable tool for fat burning plus a great tool for vitamin transport and craving fighting. Let’s have a look at how..

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Eat More to Lose More!

How increasing your meal frequency is key in your fat loss journey

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