Amireh Mazaheri

Recovered from a double knee reconstruction and lost 15kgs!*



We asked Amireh to write a couple of words on her journey so far. Like everyone, she's had her ups and downs, but she's done a fantastic job and has now inspired countless others. Have a read!

My Before: 
My Journey with Cision started after my serious ski injury. I started with Vision Drummoyne in early November 2016 with an extra 6kg on my weight because of my injury and bad eating habits. My weight was 90kg in total with 44% body fat which made me not love me. For a person who is always active and loves exercising 90kg body weight didn't help in many activities. I could barely run 1km and my cycling which I love was very slow. I gave up swimming and got last ranking in my age group in my last ocean swim I did at Curl Curl beach. I was very embarrassed and disappointed. I had these on my mind: 
1- This is my body and it won't change.
2- I exercise a lot, I don't improve.
3- My body weight is my bones weight, this is my structure!
4- I can't help it and I accept my body type as it is.
5- It's my genetic.
6- Nothing work!

I even tried two other Vision clubs where I could lose a little bit of weight but couldn't maintain it.

Introduction to Vision: 
Early November I got a call from Raika Naderpour introducing me the opportunity of joining Drummoyne Vision Personal Training. I told her at the beginning I wouldn't be a good choice for her resume. After a big conversation I said yes to change. We managed the timing and yes, I started. With two damaged knees which don't help when you are exercising and you are in pain especially after any workout, I started working out with Raika. I attended the first Vision shopping tour and found out how much change my shopping basket needed. After a month of working out and some interesting results, those first 2-3kg, I started to not only physical exercise but mental workouts. I squeezed my weight loss goal in my monthly planning and with Raika's amazing mentorship, learnt how to manage my days and eating habits to align with my daily life. I manage and develop my business which is very stressful and engaging. 
Managing a business, bringing eating/sleeping and exercising discipline into that busy life style was a good challenge. The main change for me was planning my eating and sleeping routine as I am normally an active person, exercising wasn't a big deal.

My surgery: 
On December 20th 2016, I had both knee surgery on both knees. My mom joined us, helping me and my brother. Meeting mom after 5 years was such a grateful opportunity. The surgery went very well but I really couldn't do anything. Limited walking; only sitting and being dependent to others for normal life stuff was frustrating. On those days, Raika's motivation and support were gold. She gave me the courage and hopes to get up and start again. I remember my first day back to gym after surgery, it was early January. I walked up the stairs with my crutches and Raika was encouraging me" Faster, faster, Move, Move". These words work, they really work!

Through intensive physio and gym sessions, my knee recovery went very well and I was ready to run 4-month post-surgery. I was almost 2 months ahead of the recovery plan. My surgeon's compliment: "You are one of my best patients, with two knee surgeries, amazing result". I started running and cycling with the recovered knees. For a person who could hardly run 1km, running 7km in half marathon in 46mins was an achievement. My mindset changes to: 
1- You can change, only if you want!
2- Changes will happen with a good mentor and support. 
3- The exercise will work only you have to be disciplined and manage other factors, especially eating
4- My body weight is not my bone weight! Fat is fat!
5- I can do it! "Faster, faster, Move, Move" 
6- That's not my genetics, it's my habits!
7- A good result comes with good plans and mindset. There is no impossible.

My after: 
It took time, but I lost 15.2Kg in total and 11% body fat. I cycle +80km every week and I see I am fit. My sleeping routine improves and the main important thing is I like myself. The best feeling is when you throw those big size clothes into a basket and say bye to them. 
The journey with Raika and Vision Drummoyne wasn't only a weight loss and body change. You need to change your mindset and your thinking. 
A good mentor and a coach is the key to success. We all have ups and downs. A good mentor understands you, feel you and see you. Raika is all about it. I owe her a lot. She celebrated my achievements with me, pushed me where I was disappointed and guided me to the right way. Without her amazing leadership and support I couldn't be what I am today. Thank You Raika.

Next steps: 
I still have changes on my way and I am sure, with more dedication and discipline I will achieve what I want to achieve. I am riding Sydney to Gong and my goal is to beat my record from last 5 years. Next step is Triathlon for 2018. I am getting close to be my best.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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