5 issues that occur when we SIT FOR TOO LONG!*

Wednesday, 18 March 2020, By Ben Kayser

Many of us can sit for prolonged periods of time at work or at home. Here's 5 things that CAN HAPPEN to our body if we sit for too long! The best way to prevent these is to move more!

Poor Blood Flow

  • Moving bodies means more blood and oxygen flowing throughout the brain. Which helps our minds and gives us more clarity. However, if we sit too long the oxygen and blood flow to the brain is slowed and inhibits our ability to think.

Neck and Spine Pain

  • Slumping puts pressure on cervical spine and gives poor posture that damages neck muscles
  • Sitting too long results in the discs in our spine becoming compact and uneven and can lead to disk herniation.
  • Also, back pain occurs when our glutes switch off and stop supporting our lower back causing pain. 

Muscle Degeneration

  • Sitting doesn't allow you to use your abdominal muscles leading to what's known as sway back. This is an unnatural overextension of the spines arch.
  • Sitting too long also decreases flexibility, especially through the hip and back.

 Deterioration of Organs

  • Prolonged sitting and decreased activity linked to cardiovascular disease, heart disease and colon cancer. Also leads to weight gain and diabetes.
  • This happens due to overproduction of insulin to use blood glucose cause of inactivity and sluggish blood flow to the organs.
  • Regular movement can help kill cancer causing cells by boosting antioxidants that kill these free radicals in our system.

 Leg Disorders

  • Blood flow is hindered to legs and can cause blood to pool around the ankles which leads to varicose veins and blood clots.
  • Bones can become weaker and less dense when we don't move. When we move muscle pulls on the bone causing our body to make more bone and become stronger.

Look at ways you can change the amount of time you are seated

Adapt your work station to accommodate a stand-up desk, go for a walk as part of your lunchtime instead of sitting in the canteen  


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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