How To Lose Weight In Your 50s & 60s*

Monday, 23 July 2018, By Alex Allegrini and Ben Kayser

We know it can be harder to lose weight in your 50s and 60s, but why? How do we overcome these challenges? Read on!

Know your numbers

  • Waist Circumference measurement shows us if the fat is being deposited in an unhealthy area. Anything over 94cm for male, over 80cm for female according to World Health Organisation is unhealthy. Generally, hormone changes mean weight may stay the same but body shape changes hence can be dangerous to not know your own measurement.
  • Body Fat Percentage 10-22% for males and 20-32% for Female is acceptable but testosterone decreases therefore muscle mass decreases so weight may stay the same but composition changes
  • Use the BIOSCAN, callipers, Tanita Scales etc to find out

Evaluate your family history

  • Poor man's genetic test - if you're taking on the same shape or body type as your parents/aunties/uncles etc then it's likely that you will struggle with similar health issues such as heart conditions, diabetes etc.
  • Then become your own personal health expert - whatever may affect your family tree, get help from a doctor, specialist and do your own research so you understand how to combat it

Boost your daily activity level

  • Chores around the house like mowing the lawn, vacuuming, carrying the groceries, walking the dog etc.
  • Get a fitbit! Easy to track and realistic goals daily
  • Find something you enjoy - playing tennis, swimming, cycling, jogging, etc. - if you enjoy it you're more likely to stick with it! If getting smashed in the gym isn't something you enjoy then don't do that either!

Watch the alcohol!

  • This can be difficult, as lifestyle shifts towards more leisurely activities - restaurants, holidays, entertaining friends etc
  • The average standard drink has the energy equivalent of two slices of bread!
  • Bring your consumption down by using diet mixers, have water in between drinks, be wary of high fat and high sugar foods during those meals, utilise an accelerator day afterwards.

Balance in your training

  • Aerobic exercise will keep your cardiovascular health strong
  • Resistance training will keep your metabolism healthy and help maintain your muscle mass
  • Flexibility training will help to stay limber and comfortable and exercising for a long time

Stay connected with active friends

  • An active circle of influence will mean you're more likely to spend time on healthy activities
  • Connect with a group, organise neighbours or friends to consistently meet, socialise around exercise rather than over a meal.

Our team of expert Health and Fitness coaches help people along their journey every single day with information just like this. If you'd like to have access to that help - contact us! 

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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