How to Stop Drinking Soft Drink to Improve Your Health and Lose Weight*

Friday, 25 October 2019, By Alex Allegrini

The day I stopped drinking Coke was the day I learnt about how many teaspoons of sugar were in each can... 10! Can you believe that? 39g of Sugar (120 calories), where 4g = 1 teaspoon, means there is 10 teaspoons per can. Imagine if you put that many into your coffee? Or tea? What also scared me was how they could possibly hide that many teaspoons without making you want to vomit!

You'll also find that the habit of drinking soft drinks can be quite mindless. It could be grabbing one at the servo, ordering it with food at restaurants, having it in your hand whilst socialising or out with friends. It's also not just soft drinks - juices, sports drink, iced teas etc tend to have high calorie contents that also are used and stored in your system but digested quite quickly - leaving you with a bit of a sugar high, then a crash. This means you're more likely to consume more calories to pick those energy levels back up.

Some other health benefits of cutting soft drinks: Better sleep, better dental health, consistent energy levels, reduced risk of diabetes type 2, decreased anxiety/nervousness.

Some simple tips to help cut the habit:

- Go for the diet or low sugar options (diet coke, sprite zero, etc) - yes there are sweeteners that have their own health implications, but they have far less calories and from a transition point of view, can help with weight loss and moving to better options.

- Cut the size - pick the smaller cans or smaller serving sizes at restaurants

- Learn how to make water taste better! Throw some berries/lime/lemon/mint etc into some soda water or chilled water. Great during hot days and has the added benefits of the nutrients in the fruit.

- Make your own sports drink - 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and a small pinch of salt in a glass of water will help with sodium and potassium levels before, during and after exercise.

It makes sense - slow the roll on the soft drinks and you'll find the benefits for weight loss, wellbeing and health are totally worth it!


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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