The one thing you are not focusing on that is ruining your time in the gym*

Friday, 24 May 2019, By Drew Badenoch

Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis  is the energy our body uses that is not from exercise, sleeping, the thermogenic effect of food or a part of your Basal Metabolic Rate.

Things like walking, fidgeting, standing up, stairs or any other movement your body does through out the day.

So let's break this down, a 1hr workout is 4% of your day and maybe you are able to burn 500 calories doing so (if you push hard)

With only 66% of your day spent being awake that leaves the average person with 62% of a calorie burning window left

What are you going to do to get your N.E.A.T up?

Here are a few tips!

Track your steps! Maybe you do 10,000 steps a day? Can you increase that to 12,000? Including a longer walk to work helps.

Instead of sitting and watching tv, going through your stretching routine and you will use more energy.

Get some more cleaning done at home... that's killing 2 birds with 1 stone!

Take the stairs over the lift


Our team of expert Health and Fitness coaches help people along their journey every single day with information just like this. If you'd like to have access to that help - contact us! 

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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