Susan Phillips

Lost 20kgs and 13.6% Body Fat*



Have a read of Susan Phillips success story! She recently shared her story after we were blown away with her result:

What state was your health and confidence in prior to Vision?

Prior to joining Vision my weight had been slowly creeping up over about 5 years. I was unhappy about it and knew that as I got older, it was having more and more impact on my overall health. Although I was unhappy about my weight and health, I didn't prioritise doing something about it because I told myself I was too busy looking after my kids to find the time to get to the gym regularly.


What result have you achieved?

I've lost 20 kilos and 13.6% body fat. I am also a lot fitter and stronger then when I started. 


What component was the most crucial in achieving your goal?

I needed to be accountable, both to my trainer and myself. Besides supporting me at my PT sessions, my trainer was very good at regularly checking in and encouraging me. The food diary, which I used every day for about seven months, kept me accountable to myself. If I didn't want to put it in my food diary, I (mostly), didn't eat it.
What would you say to a friend if they asked you about your experience?

I wish I'd done it sooner! The Drummoyne studio has such a great atmosphere, its friendly,  supportive and very personal.
Congratulations Susan, we're really happy and proud of you!

Would you like some help achieving something similar to Susan? Reach out and we'll chat you through what's available!


*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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