Beat The Breakfast Buffet - Guide to a happy healthy family holiday*

Tuesday, 3 May 2016, By Chris and Alicia Jovcevski

One of the most common struggles for the wheels to fall off in your health and fitness journey is when you go on that much anticipated family holiday...

Everybody loves holidays but we also know that you can undo months of hard work in just a few short weeks IF you don't have the knowledge on how to control your weight through food, or if you can't practice self-control.

But if you look closely, being on holidays is actually a fantastic way to enjoy yourself WHILE looking after yourself.

Think about it, the daily grind is on pause: no work & no cooking, washing or cleaning!  
Everything is done for you, so when you think about it there is actually MORE time to look after yourself!

Let's face it, while you're on holidays the last thing you want is to be tracking your food or agonising over those scales. But, to avoid losing the inroads you have made on your weight loss goals, you need to remain mindful while on holidays.

Here are some key tips when travelling for business or leisure to stay connected with your goals without compromising enjoying yourself:

Move your body every day

It doesn't have to be a strenuous run or killer cardio class, but moving your body after you wake up sets you up for the whole day & makes you feel good. The body to mind connection is strong, if you exercise first thing in the morning you will find it easier to limit the bad choices during that day.

My favourite thing to do is to take a scenic walk with my little family before tucking into breakfast at the buffet when I have nowhere else to be. Having no schedule is great!

And let me tell you, pushing a pram up hill is no easy feat, there's a few calories burned for the day!

Even activities like going paddle boarding or playing tennis are a great way to get some exercise into your day. Workout tick!

Beating the breakfast buffet

When surveying the breakfast buffet there are a few simple ways to cancel out those empty calories..

Steer clear from the pastries! That includes the croissants! These items have very low nutritional value & are high in nasty trans fats. Plus they contain simple carbs so you will be left feeling hungry soon after you have eaten them.

Nowadays there are so many options to choose from (both gluten & dairy free) gluten free breads & muesli's are great. Also, in most tropical locations the fruit is amazing so take full advantage of it!

For a good hit of quality protein head for the cooked eggs & omelette stations, any good hotel will make your eggs to order.

A slice of lean bacon or two won't kill you, but just remember your portions.

Add some cooked mushrooms with some grilled tomatoes & some goats cheese & you have yourself a great breakfast!

Grab some fresh fruit as you're leaving!

Just perfect for a little morning or afternoon snack to tie you over until your next meal.
Most poor decisions are made in the afternoon or early evening, if you can sustain yourself with fruit for morning tea and afternoon tea your body will feel more satisfied and more likely to stay away from over indulging on the bad foods!

Subtle reminders while you are away

Staying disciplined while away is the tricky part, as most of the time we don't have anything to gauge by how we are going. A great tip to keep yourself accountable is to bring along a pair of jeans that are well-fitted. Try them one every couple of days or so & use it as a reminder on how you are going.

Here are some tips to keep on track while away:

1. Plan ahead to fit in your exercise - opt for locations that will allow you to engage in physical activities that you enjoy or book into a hotel with a gym facility.

2. Always be prepared - when you travel be prepared with healthy food snacks between journeys or lengthy layovers so you don't have to eat whatever is available.

3. When dining out - hold extras, such as cheese and mayo and ask for dressings on the side, that way you are in control of consumption.

4. When eating at a restaurant - check out the menu online first! That way if you do decide to indulge a little you can counter balance your next meal.

5. Rent a house or a studio apartment where possible - booking this type of accommodation with a kitchen and access to a grocery store allows you to prepare your own food and snacks between the 3 major meal times. 

6. Indulge and enjoy - Enjoy a little bit of everything in moderation and share treats with family or friends to halve the calories. Be selective with indulgences and only choose what is very sensual to you.

7. Wait before grabbing seconds - The quicker you scoff down your food, the less time you give your body to register that feeling of fullness. It takes up to 20 minutes for the brain to register that dinner has been served so sit back & have a chat before grabbing seconds.


There you have it! It's definitely not impossible to continue your health & fitness goals while on holidays.

Remember, holidays occur only a few times a year, so make sure you enjoy the time you're spending with loved ones. Holidays are about togetherness & relaxation, forget sticking to a rigid diet & exercise regime & just pay attention to the choices you make.



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