Menopause – Why is exercise is the key to easing the transition of the ‘Change of Life’?*

Tuesday, 22 March 2016, By Alicia Jovcevski

Menopause - Why exercise is the key to easing the transition of the 'Change of Life'.

A common, yet overlooked topic we tend not to discuss is the effects of menopause and how exercise can help you to cope with the changes occurring in your body.

Why is exercise is the key to easing the transition of the 'Change of Life'?
Regular exercise is an excellent way to fend off weight gain and loss of muscle mass, the two most common and frequent side effects of menopause.

Every woman will experience menopause differently, but most women have the same apprehension when it comes to this stage of their lives… immense fear of gaining unwanted kilos, mood swings and the emotional impact of feeling older than their age.

We can help you can adopt lifestyle changes to support your body while going through all stages of menopause and beyond.

Did you know?
Studies show that women who go through menopause before the age of 46 are twice as likely to suffer from heart disease or have a stroke?
This is where good nutrition and maintaining a healthy weight helps to protect our heart and also our bodies.

Aside from cardiovascular exercise playing an important part during menopause, strength/resistance training is paramount.

The physical impacts

The chance of women developing Osteoporosis is extremely heightened during and following menopause due to the hormonal changes women experience throughout this time.

Osteoporosis weakens the bones, increasing the risk of sudden and unexpected fractures. During menopause, Estrogen levels decrease, which means that bone loss and bone density significantly decreases.
This is why strength training is an absolute must.

Postmenopausal women are particularly prone to Osteoporosis because they lack estrogen. Most women are made aware of this by their GP and begin to take calcium supplements to help fend off the debilitating disease and while Calcium supplements are important, this is not enough.

Your body requires magnesium and other nutrients to absorb calcium into your bones but it also needs strength training to retain the calcium to keep your bones healthy!.

Just like our muscles get stronger and fuller the more we use them, our bones become stronger and denser when we regularly do weight-bearing exercise.
Weight-bearing exercise stimulates bone formation.

The 3 main benefits of strength/resistance training are increased bone density, improved muscle strength and better balance - these three things will dramatically improve your health and increase your longevity.

The emotional impacts
Finally, the emotions that can creep in when it comes to this stage of life… no one wants to feel "old". That is fact!  

Menopause is thought to be a type of milestone for women which can cause a shift in a women's identity, imposing feelings of powerlessness or even feeling like they have lost their womanhood.

Gaining support with a Personal Trainer to help relieve and control the physical symptoms of menopause can only ensure that your emotional health will be sustained. Mental health is equally as important as one's physical health… A healthy mind means a healthy body!

Exercising regularly for whatever reason tends to give an enormous sense of well-being and promotes higher self-esteem.
Exercise is powerful and effective when it comes to enhancing your mood; it relieves stress, boosts mental and physical energy and enhances the feeling of well-being due to the release of endorphins. You only need a few sessions per week to start to reap the health benefits for your body and for your mind!

Both aerobic and resistance training exercise can provide invaluable health benefits for pre and post-menopausal woman of all ages, so please do not feel alone!
Vision can help!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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