Weight loss: If you won’t track your food then you can’t expect to lose weight!*

Tuesday, 14 February 2017, By Alicia Jovcevski

Weight loss - If you won't track your food then you can't expect to lose weight!

The definition of insanity is "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result"- so if you choose not to track your food, but continue old eating and exercise (or lack of) habits, you simply can't expect a different result on the scales!

WHY, at Vision, do we ask you to track your food?
As a Client of Vision Personal Training you will know that we focus on the 4 E's:
Emotions, Education, Eating and Exercise and we set and monitor client goals every week!

The saying "what gets measured, gets managed" is incredibly important as it is a true indication and also immediate feedback on how your choices will accelerate or hinder your progress towards your weight loss goals.

Here are the top reasons why tracking your food and exercise habits is key to losing weight:

You will eat less
When you record what you eat, what exercise you have completed that day, your water intake and your mood throughout the day, you are more likely to eat better and move more as the result from your choices are visible to you - it instantly increases your awareness of what/how much and why you are eating. This can help to reduce mindless-munching.
It can also help to identify areas where you may be consuming calorie dense foods which are full of empty calories (things like: caloric beverages and snacks).

It can also make you reconsider consuming those hot chips accompanied by a burger and a full-strength coke because you can see just how much extra energy you will need to expel that day to actually use that for fuel!

And the one that is overlooked the most, is forgetting or (choosing!) not to include all the extra's that add up!
The handful of M&M's at work, the extra mayo on your sandwich, the x 4 flat whites you have in a day, all count - whether you track it or not, the result on the scales will tell the full story at the end of each week!

You will exercise more
Most people when they record how much they exercise they tend to exercise more.
Again, your awareness is increased as to how little we actually move around throughout the day given most of us live fairly sedentary lifestyles as we sit down for the majority of our day at work.
Small changes in your physical activity levels such as standing instead of sitting, getting up from your desk every hour to walk around, taking the stairs instead of the lift, parking further away at the shops, taking the kids for a run around at the park, can actually make a difference in your weight loss efforts. Incidental exercise always helps!
For anyone working in an office, we would need to at least go for a walk for 60 minutes per day to achieve 10,000 steps!

You can be more flexible about what you eat
When know exactly what is going into your mouth it means you can budget time, calories and food choices effectively which give you more flexibility around the foods you enjoy eating! This brings moderation into play!
Research shows that "flexible dieters" - those who are able to make small substitutes or adjustments to their eating habits when necessary, are more successful than those who stick to restrictive diets that avoid certain foods, for example: excluding carbs such as bread or pasta.
Tracking gives you almost complete control over your food choices and the consistency of your meals, instead of despairing over small deviations from your eating plan which normally have minimal effect on your result anyway. On the days you do indulge it allows you to factor in some extra exercise.

You become aware of your emotions and how they can play a part with eating
Using our online food diary and tracking your moods helps to identify and reveal hidden emotional triggers that can be affecting how you eat, hindering your weight loss, or unveil patterns of overeating, not eating enough or consuming inconsistent meals. This tool helps to manage problematic eating patterns for the long-term. Every attempt you make at recording gets you a step closer to paying attention to your food choices and habits and makes sure you are consuming a healthy diet.

You get instant gratification
We now live in a world where we want everything and we want it NOW!
One of the main reasons people often fail is because they don't see immediate results.
It often takes around 4 weeks for noticeable changes starting to take place with your appearance, so by tracking your food you are being mentally supported and reassured that although there is no huge physical change in the mirror (just yet) you are tracking progressively and positively towards that goal. If you track your food and exercise levels to ensure that you are hitting your macronutrient targets you can feel reassured that the desired result is coming.

You don't need to be obsessive or extra precise about tracking your food, just the act of recording your behaviours will generally help your awareness to eat better and exercise more, which will help you to lose weight.

So, on the days it almost feels too inconvenient to track your food and exercise, try remembering the usefulness of your food diary. It is the key tool at your fingertips to help you stay motivated, manage and track your progress and embedding long-term good habits to set you up for a lifetime of good health and wellness!

Alicia Jovcevski
Studio Owner

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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