Monika Webb

I am feeling absolutely empowered, confident, and like I can now be a positive role model for my young family.*



I was in denial about how I was looking and feeling about myself. Not realising how challenging simple day to day activities such as walking the dogs, making a bed, or doing the vacuuming had become.

I constantly felt tired, and I would reach for the wrong foods to make me feel instantly satisfied. My blood pressure had elevated quite significantly, and I was always exhausted.

It wasn't until a photograph from a wedding I had attended arrived in the mail, that my physical perception of myself was not my actual reality!

I thought in the moment that photo had been taken, I was happy, healthy, and was not overweight. I was in denial and had let myself go past a point in which I swore to myself I would never reach.

So it was at this point, two amazing young Personal Trainers from Vision ENGADINE walked through my door, and offered me a gold pass trial. The negative self-talk did begin, but as quick as I had tried to talk myself out of it, I knew things HAD to change and they were going to change right at that moment.

My last 7 month health and happiness journey has taught me how to fuel my body not only for weight loss, but for energy as well, to fuel my body with the correct nutrition, to be able to push myself out of my comfort zone, and try new events and sports that I never believed I had the confidence or energy to do!

I have participated in many running events such as The Sutherland 2 Surf, City 2 Surf and the Blackmores 10km event in which I achieved a very healthy personal best time. I have lost 12kgs over this time and I am feeling absolutely empowered, confident, and like I can now be a positive role model for my young family.

Joining Vision has been one of the most influential, motivating, empowering life changing moments, building on lifelong friendships to share common goals. I absolutely cannot wait to see where the next 12 months takes me.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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I'm so strong and vibrant now!*

*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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