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I had never had any issues with my weight until I started working full time two years ago. Sitting at a desk for 9 hours a day really changed my body and before I knew it I'd put on 10 kilos. I didn't fit into my old clothes and I just didn't feel like myself. I needed to make a change to my lifestyle so my family and I decided to join Vision. 
I started doing PT sessions with Brianna and I was enjoying working out and could see that I was getting stronger but I still wasn't losing any weight. Due to certain health reasons, I went to see a dietitian as well. 

During winter in 2016 I tore the ligaments in my ankle which limited a lot of the exercise I could do. I knew I needed to make some big changes to my lifestyle to avoid putting on any extra weight.

I started boxing with Brianna during our PT sessions, initially it was a low impact form of exercise I could do while my ankle healed. Now I find it a really fun activity that I have kept up and have seen great results from, especially for my arms and my core.

My nutrition also really needed changing. I started a salad club with my friends at work which I found really beneficial. Not only was it great having my friends along for the ride to keep me motivated, I found that a big salad at lunch helped curb those dreaded 3pm chocolate cravings.

Making smart choices at restaurants and parties was a big change I needed to make too. I work in a media agency so we are constantly being taken out for lunch or going to different events and it's easy to go overboard. Choosing a meal that is built around a healthy source of protein and limiting the amount of alcohol I drink has really helped me in these situations.

Throughout my Vision journey I have found that you need to be consistent if you want to see results. I have stuck with these key lifestyle changes for the last 12 months. It has now become less about the numbers on the scale for me and more about how I feel and how my clothes fit. I now fit into all of my old clothes, but most importantly a lot stronger and more confident than ever before.


*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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