Exercising to Relax!*

Tuesday, 19 March 2019, By Cam Prince

Exercising daily as we know provides you with may significant health benefits. However, one which is significantly needed in today's society is relieving stress! In almost every single form of exercise can act a positive stress reliever! from walking, to yoga to aerobics, they all play their part in helping you manage your stress levels.


Exercise not only increases your overall health, but also your mental health through these stress relieving benefits.


It stimulates endorphins in your brain - Endorphins (put simply; the happy feel good neurotransmitters) are used as fuel by your brain during and post exercise which leaves with you with a satisfied feeling!


Mood improvement - having a regular exercise schedule can increase your self-confidence significantly and can also relax you leading to less symptoms which are associated with depression and anxiety.


Can improve sleeping habits - Exercising regularly can improve sleeping habits which is often disturbed by either overthinking and stressful situations.


It can help you forget the day - often exercising puts so much in a focused state that you forget about everything else that's been going on in the day which therefore contributes to lowering the amount of stress or thoughts on your mind.


Exercising is one of the most beneficial ways to lower stress levels and should be prescribed as medicine and a treatment for such symptoms. It is such an important part of the day, which makes it crucial to have it pencilled into your daily routine. Whether it's for 15 - 60 mins a day or even brief bouts of activity offer many benefits for your current state! It's not always about what kind of exercise it is, what's most important is ensuring that you're making physical activity part of your daily lifestyle, therefore leading to EXERCISING to RELAX.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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