Bernadette Paton

22 Kg Lost*



My only regret about joining Vision Personal Training is not doing it sooner!

My tipping point came when trying to find a dress for a family wedding and realizing Ihad becomea size 16! I knew I needed help with the education, discipline and focus I was going to need and that's exactly what I got with a terrific Personal Trainer at Vision.

Vision Personal Training isn't like other regular gyms. They are Studio's where you receive weight and cardio training and importantly, monitored nutritional guidance. It's this combination together with the friendly support and encouragement you receive from all the trainers, not just your own, that help you to achieve your goal. Being monitored constantly by your own Personal Trainer keeps you accountable.

The smaller size of the Studios means visits for Personal Training sessions or group sessions are more personal and it is easy to make friends with other clients. It quickly becomes a friendly social experience not just a health necessity.

I am now over 20kg lighter but, to my surprise, what is even better is the strength and fitness I have achieved. Being in my mid 50's it never occurred to me that I could or would be participating in (and enjoying) events like Raw Challenge and Tough Mudder.

Whilst I initially never thought I'd have the ability my Personal Trainer did! I'm eternally grateful Scott Taylor!


*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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