Nick Collett

Lost 25kg*



I started my Vision Personal Training journey at 109kgs with high blood pressure and an ever increasing waistline. One of my initial goals was to be able to comfortably bend down and tie my shoelaces - talk about aiming low!

The only way to describe my Vision experience is transformational. Physically, I have lost nearly 25kgs, dropped 13 percentage points of body fat, lost over 20cms from my waist and have dramatically reduced my blood pressure.

Working with Vision has been positive, rewarding and fun. I have made friends with a community of like-minded people who enjoy being active together. A focus on eating properly, doing weights and being more active is the Vision mantra and it has definitely worked for me - especially with the constant support of my Personal Trainer who has taken the time to understand what works for me.

Perhaps the most profound impact however, has been the mental transformation I have experienced. My outlook is more positive, I am more tenacious and I am happier and more open to try new things and push myself. Along the way, some friends have described me as being "enthused by life".

Now that I have lost the weight and have improved fitness, I have discovered a love of running (and mirrors!) and am working towards half and full marathons in the near future. Goals that would have seemed impossible six months ago!

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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