Rosemary Zotti

Lost 8.3kg, 7.3% BF and 31.5cm*



Rosemary is our very own South American dynamo.  She has been with Vision Personal Training Frenchs Forest for over 2 years now and has made healthy eating and fitness a way of life.  She started by losing 8.3kg and 7.3% body fat with 31.5cm off her girth measurements and has continued to weight train to make the most of those curves.  She is a regular at group sessions and can often been seen fast tracking her results with extra visits to the studio.  Rosemary has a wonderfully infectious personality and always brings a smile to everyone's faces when she is around.  She has referred many friends to Vision over the years as she has seen first hand how amazing it feels to be fit and toned. Felicitaciones Rosemary! Usted es una senora increible y nos ama a su entusiasmo por la vida!

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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