Sunday, 4 June 2017, By Isabelle Myers


Today I read an article that hit home for myself and I am sure it will with many of you... so I thought I would re-write it and hope that it can help us all paint things clearly and be real......

"Should or shouldn't I eat before I exercise?", "Don't eat carbs at night." "What's the best core exercise to give me abs?"
These are all common questions among many regarding fad diets, optimal training protocols and how best to burn fat. In the grand scheme of it all, none of that is relevant if you are missing the BIG picture!

None of those things actually matter should you not be following your optimal training or nutrition plan provided by your Trainer tailored to suit YOUR goals. Put simply, these things are not important and will not make up for a poor diet or lack of exercise.

Don't sweat the small details!
To be blunt...... your results are determined by your hard work, CONSISTENCY and dedication. Give yourself a real chance!

Things are simple, but that doesn't mean they are going to be easy. Don't stress yourself and induce cortisol (stress hormone that can impact fat loss) over the small stuff...

*Respect these & you have results!*

Nutrition: (the most important)

1. Compliance - It doesn't matter what the diet or plan is, if you can't stick to it for 7 days of the week then you are setting yourself out to fail. HOW CAN I COMPLY AND ACHIEVE? Do something you know is most suited to your lifestyle and personal preference... with that said - make it easy for yourself - remove temptations (don't buy it!), surround yourself with a supportive and encouraging circle of influence, plan ahead!!

2. Energy Balance - Energy In VS Energy Out - For fat loss, energy balance is the key! No matter what ... if you are eating MORE than your body requires or out of what your goal indicates you should... you are going to gain fat.

3. Protein Intake - the MOST IMPORTANT macronutrient that is the building block to all our cells! Additionally, protein requires the most energy for digestion compared to carbs and fat! EVEN more... it is the most satiating macronutrient stopping you from getting hungry! Helping to control hunger and improve dietary compliance.


1. Compliance - The same as nutrition, compliance is the most important factor with training! You can't progress if you aren't exercising!! It doesn't matter what it is - so long as you stick to it long enough, follow it correctly and progressively intensify you will achieve!

2. Exercise Technique - If you are injured, work with your trainer and or chiropractor/physiotherapist etc. to allow you to exercise whilst working on any contraindications you may have. There is always SOMETHING you can do, use your skilled Personal Trainer with a trained eye to help achieve your goals within your limitations.

3. Progressive Overload - Any plan will work provided you do it enough, use the right technique and increase the workload progressively. Every week you should be increasing load, intensity or volume in some way to be progressing in your fitness or strength!

With all that said, do it with a smile! It's all about the journey, not the destination. Network, make friends in Studio, chat to the Trainers - do whatever you can to surround yourself with positive influencers who will help you stay on track!!
Have an amazing week and achieve big!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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