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John Davidson and Darren McInnes

John and Darren have been the owners of Vision Personal Training Gymea since 2013. Darren has been in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years. For Darren, transforming members of the Shire Community into fitter, healthier, happier people has been an incredibly rewarding journey and one that led to meeting John. John was a local businessman who worked long hours, raised a family and didn’t leave enough time to keep himself in shape. He joined Vision Personal Training Gymea as a client and formed a tight relationship with his trainer Darren. From there he won 2 Weight Loss Challenges and transformed his life. He loved his new found health so much and he wanted to help others achieve the same happiness. Darren and John teamed up and purchased the studio, and in tandem along with a great team began transforming the lives of hundreds of local residents. As locals, the Vision Gymea Team are actively involved in the local community, supporting many community events including The Gymea Spring Fair and numerous local school fetes and fundraisers. The Gymea Team understand the challenges of juggling work, family and fitness that their clients face. They have a practical, structured but flexible approach to helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals within their busy lives.

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