Elise Purcell

"I have never felt this fit, healthy, happy and confident"*



After spending a year living and travelling overseas and becoming the heaviest I'd ever been I knew it was time to stop being lazy, stop making excuses and get my health and fitness in order. At first I was sceptical about rejoining Vision as I had been a client previously but never fully commited and thus never reached my goal; resulting in me giving up, quitting and blaming everyone else but myself. This only resulted in me becoming unhealthy and overweight at just 22 years old. When I walked back into Vision Gymea in March 2015 after returning from my overseas trip I was in a completely different headspace then I was before and was ready to take complete control of my body and my health. Since then my journey with Vision Gymea has seen me lose a total of 32kg through their structured food, exercise and training plans as well as the incredible support from not only my trainer but the entire Vision team and client base. I have never felt this fit, healthy, happy and confident in my own body and skin and have Vision Gymea to thank for helping me to achieve these goals that at one point seemed impossible

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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