Adele Faumuina

I have set myself up for a healthy lifestyle change*



I started Vision Personal Training at my heaviest 119.25kg I became a first time mum and worked fulltime. Over the years my weight just piled on as a busy working fulltime mum raising a family, I never made time for myself. I knew I had to change. I joined a gym and only lasted a month as I felt judged and that everyone was staring at me every time I walked in which made me feel embarrassed, so I gave up. I had every excuse in the book when the Trainer called to see why I missed my sessions. I was full of excuses.

My brother works at Vision Personal Training Hamilton and he eventually persuaded me to start Training with him in the park. Soon I became hooked on exercise and my confidence increased. I felt up to the challenge of joining another gym. So here I am at Vision where EVERYONE knows my name. Training has changed life for the better and in the long run I realised I was setting myself up for a healthy lifestyle change. No diets just knowing what to eat, how much and when to eat. These small things have helped me get where I am today. I started to see results from all my hard work. Most times I'd cry after Training but it made me push harder and become stronger. Making better choices in food with the support of my Personal Trainer my weight started dropping. I've now lost 20kg at Vision!! I started taking up running and completed the Mother's day classic 8km run, Jetty to Jetty 5 km. My main goal was to complete the Bridge to Brisbane 10km run which was going to prove challenging as it was 2 days after I returned home from a 2 week holiday in Bali which was my reward for training so hard (I got engaged!) Before our trip to Bali, I knew i had to keep training so I found Bali boot camp where I trained with Thai boxers who were impressed that a big islander can run 3 km nonstop through the city of Kuta. I also made sure that our hotel/resorts had a gym. I trained while on holiday in the mornings and once I was done it was time to relax. I got the best of both worlds I holidayed and Trained, I even took advantage of the fresh food available. Vision has changed my life. 


*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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