Thursday, 10 March 2016, By Sonya Keay


Getting our heart rate up and sweating during a cardio workout can be extremely satisfying. Fat loss is an added bonus to cardio but only if you are pushing your body hard enough.

Cardio works on the efficiency of your heart and body's ability to pump blood and transport oxygen. Fat loss is the added bonus, but your body adapts that's how you become fitter.


The more repetitive your cardio routine the harder you need to work to burn the same amount of calories. Your body has a unique ability to adapt quickly-(this is why athletes train there discipline over and over- to adapt)

Plateaus happen because your body has adapted to the exercise, you have become fitter so therefore you are using less energy.


Mixing up your routine this will ensure that your calorie burning furnace is firing. Choosing different cardio sessions is a good jolt to the system. Small changes can be enough to make a difference and overcome plateaus to get your body burning fat at a higher level again.

Keep your heart rate high enough is the main goal to achieve the fat loss goal. But always stay within your limits. Over-exertion at the start is discouraging and may cause injury.

  • So the answer is try not to do the same thing every day. Either change the exercise or the intensity.
  • Do classes that will push you harder than you will do alone.
  • You should not be able to carry out a normal conversation.
  • If you hate cardio and do not know how to push yourself invest in an extra PT until you have passed the hate/hate relationship of cardio and have moved on to the hate/love stage.

As trainers we DO NOT jump out of bed every morning and go WOOHOO I'm going to train.

We have the same struggles as you we to procrastinate, don't feel like it, are tired.

But we also know how good we feel after for doing it and if we don't do it we end up regretting it and feeling like we let ourselves down.

Keep pushing through, do not overthink it just do it.

You too will get to the hate love relationship. (Hate it while you do it because it's a challenge, but love it when you have finished because you feel good, you have accomplished something and you have pushed your boundaries)



By Sonya Keay

Vision Personal Training Hamilton


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