Why it is Impossible to Out-Exercise a Bad Diet*

Tuesday, 5 July 2016, By Jeremy Langlois

How easy is it to come home after a gruelling work out with your trainer, throw down your gym bag, walk in to the kitchen and open up a pantry full of sweet temptations? You might think you deserve it after that hard session, and start to believe that it's okay to have those things after spending all that energy. You may even succumb to using phrases such as 'it's important to eat in moderation' when in reality, what is important for your fat loss journey is to stick to your food plan and eat the right kinds of foods at the right times throughout the day. Your food plan shouldn't be considered a 'diet'; it should be considered a lifestyle habit.

Now let's break it down into numbers. Let's say that for every meal you eat, you take 20 minutes to eat it. That translates to 100 minutes per day, and therefore 700 minutes per week. That's almost 12 hours per week of eating food. Now how many hours do you spend exercising every week? Unless you're a professional or high-level athlete, it is unrealistic for someone to exercise for 12 hours per week around work, family and social lives. This time needs to be spent on eating only the foods that will assist you with your goals, and because it represents such a big portion of your week, it is essential to not be wasting that time with poor choices. Keep in mind that 70% of your fat loss results will come from nutrition, with the remaining 30% coming from your exercise.

Now ask yourself, how difficult is it to eat food, compared to exercising? Do you find it easier to burn your muscles to a point where you despise walking, or do you find it easier to follow your macronutrient-specific food plan? Do you find it easier to be running up a hill with your legs and lungs screaming for mercy, or is it simpler to avoid carbohydrates at night time? It would seem to be logically easier to consume food compared to exerting a large amount of energy through exercise, so in terms of fat loss, it is essential for you to make sure that you keep 70% of your actions focused on nutrition, and 30% on exercise. Remember that numbers are there to logically prove that you cannot out-exercise a bad diet, so it is essential to be smart about what you consume.

Your trainer is with you to help you improve your lifestyle habits, so help them help you by filling in your food diary and training diary, and be honest about what you put in. We are passionate about seeing your success, so implement the points that you have learnt from this article, and always listen to your trainer about what is best for you, because we are very, very wise people*.

Finally, my top 5 nutritional tips for fat loss success:

1. Make sure to wait 3-4 hours between meals

2. During that time between meals, consume only water and/or black tea and coffee

3. Consume your Carbohydrates in the morning and early afternoon

4. Consume your Proteins throughout the whole day, have the majority after midday

5. Consume a constant amount of good fats with your meals throughout the whole day

Now let's go get those awesome results; success is just around the corner!

*Okay, not that wise, but we know what we're talking about.

by Jeremy Langlois

Vision Personal Training Hamilton

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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