Danny Peters

I found Vision now all i want to do is run!*



I've been with Vision Personal Training close to 12 months and it has been the best thing in my life. I have lost over 10kg! I have enjoyed the social aspects of Vision as well as the Personal Training side. I was always a walker until I found Vision now all I want to do is run! I never thought I would be running 10km run events or competing in Stair Climbs. I especially enjoy the hard cardio with my Personal Training, also the Group Training, boxing sessions, the Weight Loss Challenge (which at times were gruelling but I have enjoyed them all). It is good to see that not only your own Personal Trainer gives you advice, but the other Trainers do as well. In finishing, it is a very family oriented good place to be involved with. I will not be leaving any time soon.



*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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