Lynda Arkinstall

I now live a happy and fit life!*



I saw a photo of myself at my nieces wedding I was discussed with how overweight I looked. The photo gave me the kick I needed to call Vision Personal Training for help and Vision supplied me with the help and tools I needed to change my life.
Before I joined Vision in 2011 I was 75Kilos and within 6 months I was down to my lowest weight in over 20 years I had lost 15.1 kilos. I stayed at Vision for a further 6 months and then decided that I could go it alone. I maintained around 60-64 kilos for a while but then I got completely off track and over time the weight just started to creep back on and I was back up to over 70 kilos. I got back into my old eating habits and felt like I was losing control of my life.
I finally realised that I could not do this alone and I had to be accountable to someone. I rejoined Vision Personal Training and now I am back on track with my journey to have a happy and fit life. With the help of Daniel my personal trainer I have already lost over 5 kilos, I am fitting back into all my lovely clothes I had brought in 2012 and loving it. Thanks to Vision Personal Training I will continue on my journey of weight loss and good health and know that I will have success with Vision and be encouraged.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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