Silvia Gibbons

I feel fitter and healthier than ever before!*



I Joined Vision Personal Training in October 2013 At that time I was 15 kgs overweight, had very high blood pressure and overall feeling very sad and angry about the way 1 looked and the way i was living my life. Track pants and jumpers (even in summer) was my wardrobe of choice so I could hide myself and going to the shops early in the morning so not to run into anyone I knew. Binge eating and drinking was my lifestyle and this was making me very depressed. I was living under a huge rock.

The day I walked up the stairs to Vision Hamilton I was greeted with such enthusiasm by the staff that i straight away felt that this is the place for me. Joining the first 9 week challenge I lost 10 kgs and was asked to speak to the next group of clients to tell them about my Journey. At the 12-month mark of joining Vision I had lost a total of 15 kgs and have never looked back.

My eating habits have changed, my blood pressure is now normal and those track pants and jumper -s from earlier days are in the bin. I feel fitter and healthier than ever before. I now enjoy going shopping anytime of the day. I am happy and that huge rock is now a pebble that has been kick away!


I have been able to maintain my weight…have some up and downs (every now and then) but with. The advice and motivation of my trainer ensures I get back on track. Setting goals and filling in VVT certainly helps to keep things in check.

I love training with my trainer who always encourages me to push myself and is always there to motivate. The group classes are not only a great work out but also a very social event with all the
beautiful clients that come along. I have done a few fun runs in Brisbane over the last couple of years and now admit that I love to run! I have accumulated a few medals and T-shirts and my biggest accomplishment was the half marathon in august 2015 in Brisbane. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could run/finish a 21km run. I did and crossing that finish line and seeing my trainer there waiting was fantastic!

Vision to me is more than a place for losing weight, exercising and setting goals, we all go there for that reason…but the friendships that are made with trainers and clients is the best reward.

Silvia Gibbons

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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