Lockdown 2.0 - Play Above The Line*

Thursday, 6 August 2020, By Irene Margaronis

Lockdown 2.0 - Play Above the Line


The year 2020. Who would have thought we would be experiencing a global pandemic and go through state, country and world-wide lockdowns? We got through one lockdown that lasted 13 weeks. We thought that was the end of it. A lot of us were hoping it wasn't going to happen again. But here we are, faced with a second lockdown. We're not going to sit here and tell you that it's going to be easy, but what we can tell you is we've all gone through it before, and we can do it again for the next 6 weeks.

It's incredibly important that we go into lockdown 2.0 with an open mindset and learn from the first instance by making changes where needed.

With any line there is above the line and below the line.

It's time to Play Above the Line!


What does playing BELOW the line actually mean?

When we are below the line, we operate by being the Victim - we are not in control, we BLAME others for our decisions, we make EXCUSES for our actions and we DENY the reality of our decisions and actions.

So, in terms of our current situation, what does playing below the line look like? As we go through a global pandemic, we can easily blame a whole lot of OTHERS. We can blame the people who started it. We can blame the community for not abiding by the rules and regulations. We can blame our friends and family being social, for going out or meeting up unnecessarily. We can blame those who we feel are responsible for forcing us into another lockdown. And we can also blame the fact that we are in lockdown as the reason for putting on weight, but in reality, is this the healthiest way to think?


We can make excuses as to why we put the weight on in round one of lockdown - "I don't know how to work technology so I can't do my online PT sessions" or "I don't have access to any equipment so there's no point in continuing my training and journey" or "I don't feel the need to fill out my food diary because I can make my meals as I go".

The final one is denial, "I'm working from home now so I don't need to fill out my food diary because all my guilty pleasures were in the office". We're not saying this is not true but the reality is, the food around the house with partners and/or children is not always perfect.

Excuses, blame, and denial are the main reason why we get slower results, hit roadblocks and setback, and allow doubt and negativity to creep in.


What does playing ABOVE the line actually mean?

We choose to operate by being the Victor -it's choosing to take full OWNERSHIP of the decisions we make, being ACCOUNTABLE for the actions we take and acknowledging that we are fully RESPONSIBLE for the end results we achieve.

Again, let's have a look specifically as to what that means for us during a global pandemic. Taking ownership might look something along the lines of "I don't have access to any weights at the moment, so I am going to research methods of adapting household items into exercise equipment" (tinned food in a reusable shopping bag is a great example) or it might even be "despite the weather being terrible outside, I agreed with my trainer that I would do a 45 minute walk each week to ensure I hit my cardio goals, so I am going to do it". This is showing that not only are you taking ownership of your health and fitness journey, you understand what is required to achieve the set goals.


We would have to say Accountability is the biggest factor in a health and fitness journey, whether that is using social media, your circle of influence or your Trainer.


Playing above the line means acknowledging the areas where YOU are in control and using the tools at your disposal to control the narrative and guarantee your success. One of the simplest and most effective resource that you have is the MyVision app. Hold yourself accountable to your food goals by using the food diary, which allows you to plan and track your meals and meet your personal macro goals. The MyVision app is also excellent to use to track your exercise under the activity tracker to help you view your weights and cardio exercise goals. Your trainer can view your MyVision inputted data, which is why it is such a useful program to help your health, fitness and goals stay on track.


You're not in this alone! Your trainer is with you every step of the way on your journey to improved health and fitness. Playing above the line, playing the Victor is allowing thoughts such as "I've asked my trainer to help me with my food, so I am going to fill out my food diary so they can provide me with the information that I need" or "I told my trainer I was going to have 5 alcohol free dinners so I'm going to send a photo of my dinner and drink each night this week". It's a give and take of accountability and responsibility, of support and giving you the space to take charge.


When we take ownership and show accountability, we are then taking responsibility.

Responsibility is the next most important attitude, especially during our health and fitness journey. Your trainer is there to give you the tools and information to help and support you along the way to achieve your goals but ultimately it comes down to YOU.

You are the one who is in CHARGE of your journey. The decisions you make, and the outcomes and results that occur are all on you.



Stay safe and remember to play above the line.


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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