Your Top tips for surviving Spring Racing Carnival!*

Tuesday, 18 October 2016, By Alexandra Anasson

With the Spring Racing Carnival upon us, we have collated our top 4 tips for helping you navigate the multitude if events without jeopardizing your health and fitness results!


1. One drink then one water: While we want you to be able to savour the experience of sipping Veuve Cliquot in the Birdcage, the free flowing gold liquid can wreak havoc on your results! Each glass of champagne is 90 calories and that is equal (in energy) to approx. 22.5g of carbohydrates-which is the equivalent to 2 slices of Helga's Low Carb Bread, 1 Red Apple or 100g of potato. While it's easy to down 5 (or more!) glasses of champagne in an afternoon at the races-imagine if you were spending your afternoon eating 10 slices of bread! So, to minimize the damage from that bubbly, for every glass of champagne you drink, drink a glass of water and or sparkling water. This will also help with the hangover the next day!


2. Do a training session BEFORE the races! While you may have the best of intentions for going to the studio or a run post races, chances are you will eat a little too much, drink a little too much and have pretty sore feet and you just won't make it. So, to ensure you stay on track with your training (particularly during Cup week) schedule your training in the morning before you have to start to get ready. Not only will you ensure you have kept to the plan but training in the morning will give you feel good endorphins to ensure you have a great day and might just help you make some better choices on food and alcohol during the day, as we often find that immediately following a training session people are less likely to make bad decisions as they don't want to "un-do" their good work.


3. Have an Accelerator Day in between big race days. Particularly during Cup week, try to have an accelerator in between the big race days to help minimize any damage caused at your functions. An accelerator day is a lower carb day and helps your body to burn through your carb stores and put you into a state of ketosis (fat-burning). Make sure you drink lots of water during these accelerator days and if you can manage it do some low to moderate cardio too.


4. Get plenty of sleep! We don't want to be the fun police but if you can call it quits earlier in the evening and be in bed ready to have 8-10 hours' sleep while attending these race day functions, you will be in a much better position to one: be able to get up and train in the morning (see tip 3!) and two: lower your cortisol levels and help your body repair and heal. Sleep is more and more proving to be the most important ingredient in a health and fitness program as it helps your body to heal, restore and repair and helps you to bring your stress hormone cortisol down which when this hormone is high inhibits fat burning. So, try to enjoy your day at the races but get home and into bed at a reasonable time to get your beauty sleep!


Spring racing is always a highlight on the Melbourne social calendar and we want you to have a great time but also want you to be able to continue to get great results so hopefully these tips will help you have the best spring racing carnival ever!


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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