Sadie Brown

Lost 12kg and learnt how to balance my lifestyle and diet.*



1.      Tell us about your life before joining Vision?

I migrated to Australia 5 years ago, and moved to Melbourne from Sydney in 2014. Before coming to Australia, I was very active, super fit and a police officer in the UK! However, whilst setting ourselves up in Melbourne, I lost my way. I stopped exercising, got on the fizzy drinks, fast food and TV diet!! 

2.    What results have you achieved at Vision?

I have lost 12kg of fat, ran 5km and then even ran 7km (never thought I'd be able to even run 1km!!) But honestly the biggest thing I have achieved is balancing my lifestyle and diet, so I can go and have a social drink with friends but whilst maintaining my health and fitness! It's actually possible to do both! 

3.      What impact has Vision had on your life since achieving your amazing results?

I feel fitter, healthier, more energetic and to be honest I am now able to look in the mirror and feel sexy !

4.      What are some of the defining moments during your journey? 

The first moment would be standing on the scales next to my amazing Personal Trainer James hitting that 10kg loss! 

The second (and third) best moments would be crossing the finish line for both my 5km and 7km runs, knowing I had run the whole thing without stopping, with the massive support of Matt (another amazing Vision PT)! 

And last, but not least, realising I needed a whole new wardrobe!

5.      What advice would you give someone who is currently thinking about taking a positive step towards changing their health and fitness? 

DO IT!! Listen to your PT, fill in your food diary (it's your new best friend) and fully commit!! It's honestly worth it!! 

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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