Casey Clark

10Kg Loss in 9 Weeks!*



Casey used the recent Weight Loss Challenge as a medium to kick start her weight loss journey, and absolutely smashed the scales! Across the 9 weeks Casey lost a total of 10 kilograms, averaging over a kilo of weight lost each week.

With the help of her trainer Phil, and the entire Vision Personal Training team and community, Casey was able to stay focused on her end goal, which is a testament to her hard work and determination. Living a busy lifestyle with a job that requires travelling around Australia on a regular basis, Casey had to work hard on her diet and ensure she could get extra exercise sessions in where possible to minimize the impact of her busy schedule.

The Vision Taringa team are super proud of the dedication and perseverance Casey showed over the 9 weeks, and wish her the best of luck as she starts training for the Gold Coast Triathlon in April. 

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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