Taylor Cousins

Lost 23kg and Finished Spartan Race*



Before I joined Vision, I had gained a lot of weight and was not being active at all. The result of not doing anything and gaining weight was me starting to feel really down and getting sick. I was really in a rut but after joining Vision all of that has changed. It was a tough journey at first getting back into exercise after not doing it for so long but with determination I got through it.

While at Vision I completed my first ever fun run, I walked the 1000 steps and I even did the Australian Spartan Race, something I never thought I could do. I came to Vision to get fit enough to join the navy and I can proudly say I have achieved that and have got my job offer.

Along with that I have lost over 20kg and now I'm feeling a whole lot better about myself. I would highly recommend Vision to anyone who is looking for a gym with trainers who are committed to deliver you results because that's exactly what they do!


*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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