“Write it down, make it happen!” Have you tried doing that with your New Years resolution?*

Monday, 25 January 2016, By Vision Personal Training Kogarah's Guide to Weight loss and Fitness

Vision Personal Training Kogarah's Guide to Weight loss and Fitness

"Write it down, make it happen!" Have you tried doing that with your New Years resolution?

What is your new years resolution? And how do you achieve it and most importantly - not forget it after January is over!

It is important to set goals, so you know where you are going in life, are able to make a plan to get there and also and most importantly satisfy the human need to achieve in life and give us purpose. Here is a little 'food for thought' on how to think about your fitness goal setting.

In terms of exercise, your goals & new years resolution need to be planned using the SMART characteristics that is be; specific, measurable, realistic and time based. Without this, your motivation and drive will not be very strong and your fitness goal setting will suffer as a result.

When your fitness goal setting is clear and precise, whether it be to complete the city to surf or to lose 10kgs in 9 weeks, and if you apply these principles you will give yourself the tools to be far more successful in actually achieving it. Think of yourself as a project manager and design a training plan which slowly builds up the kilometers you run each week up until the race, or if it is a weight loss goal set yourself a weekly target to achieve the weight loss you want in 9 weeks, and follow this up with a nutrition and training plan which ensure you eat specific foods and the right amount at the right time of day.

By setting weekly health and fitness goals, you ensure that you are on track for your New Years Resolution. Your short term goals should be set with mid, and long term goals in mind so you are never dormant and always work towards those larger fitness goal settings.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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