Why Consistency is the key to progressing in a program*

Wednesday, 20 September 2017, By Dimi Hatziandreou


Training with a consistent routine is not only necessary but essential for results. This is not only in terms of exercise but any skill (which is what exercising is).  An easy example to compare this to is learning how to juggle. For example, someone who is unable to catch a single ball would not be very successful if they attempted to juggle three balls straight away.

They would follow a series of steps and only progress through these steps once they have completely mastered the first step. From an exercise point of view this can be explained through learning how to do a dumbbell bench press. If someone who has never lifted weights before attempted this exercise they would feel unstable, weak and be at possible risk of injury. First the individual would begin building strength through a machine e.g the chest press machine, then when they have become strong enough progress to the next step, (bench press) then when they have become stable and strong move on to the dumbbell bench. This method applies to all exercises and is adjusted based on skill level strength and experience in the gym.

I have had many clients who have asked me to try deadlifts for example, or some exercise they have seen on Instagram that some fitness model who had been training for years do. The truth is those athletes started with the very same exercises you are doing right now!

These exercises are the foundation to building a strong, toned and firm body that you want to achieve. When you have built this foundation, and mastered the exercise it means your body has adapted and it is time to progress and then week after week, month after month and then year after year, you will have achieved your dream body. Then the skies the limit. It's all about consistency and progression. Time goes fast so you might as well make the most of it. A year from now will fly by and you will be thinking one of two things. Being thankful I followed my program consistently, or "damn I should have started last year and I would be in summer shape by now" the choice is yours. Just remember that


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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