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At Vision Personal Training Lindfield our friendly and motivated staff will help you reach your individual fitness or weight-loss goals - the fast, friendly and fun way! Vision Personal Training is unlike any other fitness studio - so come and experience the Vision Personal Training difference today!

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Chris Jessop

Having been with Vision Personal Training since 2007, Chris has been able to help literally thousands of people achieve amazing results. The Lindfield studio has produced an enormous amount health and fitness achievers. Having always had a strong background in health and fitness, Chris and the team have the passion to help you achieve any goal no matter how small or large you may think it is. With Vision Personal Training's world class approach to exercise and nutrition the Lindfield team are ready to take you to the next level in your health and fitness journey.

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Can you exercise whilst being pregnant?

Exercising while pregnant is bad for the baby? This is such a myth! There are many facts that support exercise during pregnancy and the multiple benefits of doing so.

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Benefits of Small Group Training

Small group training combined with your one on one traininig can have so many benefits and has become one of the most popular forms of exercise. Here is some good reasons to include it in your weekly exercise regime.

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Stay motivated this winter

Freezing temperatures, rain, dark morning and nights, grey skies, bad moods..who finds it hard to stay ontrack through this miserable time? It may be gloomy outside but your outlook doesnt have to be. There are simple things you can do to stay positive and motivated. Its important to keep your mood up to avoid putting on weight and feeling lethargic. Try these simple techniques;

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Training Tips Part 1

We often train hard to achieve our goals, but forget the small things which make a real difference. Following are some pointers to help turn your training from good to great!

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How to overcome excuses

We all find excuses to not exercise, here are some answers to your excuses which may give you the motivation to push forward when it seems too hard.

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Top tips to accelerate fat loss

We all work hard to lose that excess fat we have gained over a short or long period of time. The following tips will help to accelerate your fat loss goals;

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