Benefits of Small Group Training*

Monday, 29 June 2015, By Lisa Gilderoy

While large gym classes can offer many benefits, they often lose the benefit of a more personalised service, which can lead to bad form on exercises, injuries and even boredom.  Small group exercise will provide more personal attention to you as an individual, as the trainer has more time and ability to come around and make sure  you are doing the exercise to the best of your ability and more importantly, safely.


Combining small group exercise with your Personal Training is much more economical.  Although Personal Training gives you that one on one attention and ability to set specific goals and gain accountibility, it can become extrememly expensive if you are paying for it almost every day.  Combining Personal Training sessions with Group Exercise, can help with the budget and you can still gain that extra attention you need in the group sessions.


Group Exercise can also provide you with variety.  Personal Training can become extremely emotional and educational which is great to help your with your specific goals, however it's good for you both mentally and physically to have some variety in your training, and Group Exercise can help you to do that.  You and your trainer can become very aware of one anothers strengths and weaknesses and so throwing in a different group session with a different trainer can sometimes give you a new angle on your training and make things interesting, which can help you avoid hitting a plateau or boredom.


Motivation in a Group Exercise session can also kick in when you have someone else stood next to you doing the same exercise, giving you the drive to push harder than you would have on your own.  You can also feel like you have support from your fellow participants and trainers throughout the session.  And yes, it can be fun!!!


When you stick with a well constructed program, both Personal Training, Group Exercise and individual growth, you will get the results you want and need.  Group training maywell be the missing link between your own exercise and your Personal Training Sessions, to help you achieve and reach your 2015 goals.. give it a go, check out our website for our schedule in Lindfield.  /studios/lindfield


Lisa Gilderoy

General Manager

Vision Personal Training Lindfield

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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