How to stay active and still enjoy your holidays!*

Monday, 29 July 2019, By Scott Edeling


How do we stay fit while we are on holidays?

Going away on holidays can sometimes be harder than the usual grind of reality. So how do we stay on track with our health and fitness goals without making it an active retreat holiday?

Physical- Travelling is great for both resistance and cardio training. Whether it is rushing to your connecting flight in Dubai or walking with a full backpack up an extinct volcano in Hawaii, don't underestimate the amount of physical activity that you do. People do find that they move around more than what they do back home, especially when it comes to sightseeing. I'm sure your caring Trainer will be more than happy to map out a strength program, knowing that you are trying to be health conscious whilst enjoying the sights and sounds of the world. There are many options to go for; hotel gyms, pack some resistance bands or do body weight exercises. Doing these exercises will put you in the right stead for the day and give you the feel-good endorphins to enjoy your holiday experience. Stick to the basic compound exercises, Push ups, squats, lunges, rows and dips.

Nutrition- Make breakfast a bigger meal than all the other meals of the day. Be smart with your macros though, you cannot go crazy, you still have numbers to meet. You'll need to fuel up before the day's adventures. Tasting the local cuisine is a must for tourists, but be mindful of the ingredients and the quantity of the local produce you consume. Another thing to consider is taking snacks such as protein balls, buying local fruits of the region or a handful of legumes on your adventures abroad. Another main factor is staying hydrated. Bottled water is a must, be careful drinking from taps in some overseas countries as you may get sick.

So next time you go on holiday use these tips and enjoy the world guilt-free!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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