Tuesday, 4 August 2020, By Ruby McMullen

Motivation is a great thing, but you aren't always going to be motivated and motivation isn't enough to rely on to reach your goals. Motivation levels will change daily depending on your circumstances, this is why commitment and daily habit is key to achieving your goals.

Commitment and daily habits are what will fuel your long term journey to your goals. So how do you create healthy lifestyle habits that will compliment your goals?  Here are a few tips to make your journey sustainable, enjoyable and long term!


  1. Less is more

When you first start a new program and motivation is high it can be easy to go all in straight away. Going too hard too fast can lead to burn out physically and mentally. Small steps in the right direction are much more beneficial and you will start to see results, this in turn will help with motivation levels! As you make this new way of eating, training and living part of your routine it will ensure the changes are long lasting and permanent rather than a short term quick fix.


  1. Set goals

Without goals in place it is extremely difficult to stick to a new program. Having specific goals in place both short term and long term will ensure you don't lose sight of the big picture and why you started in the first place. Small, achievable goals that are set along the way are very beneficial so your big, long-term goal doesn't appear unachievable and out of reach. Want to lose 10kg? Okay great, let's focus on losing the first 2kg over the next month and then set the next goal from there. This will keep you on track and positive along your journey.


  1. Remember where you started and don't compare yourself to others

It can be very easy to look around the gym, on the television, social media or a magazine and wonder why you don't look like that person. You cannot compare your chapter 10 to someone else's chapter 30. Everybody is different and is at a different point of their health and fitness journey. Don't lose sight of how far you have come whether that is physical changes, mental changes or just making a few slight changes to your lifestyle. Reward and acknowledge yourself and your progress!


  1. Start slow

Like I mentioned in point 1- don't go in all guns blazing. This can lead to an all or nothing approach and result in you throwing in the towel and giving up. Instead of starting to train 6 days per week maybe start with 2-3. Instead of following an extreme diet plan why not start with making a few healthy swaps. Slow changes are much more likely to last!


  1. Ask for help

We know how overwhelming it can be when you first dive into a fitness regime. You are not alone, remember to reach out and utilise your trainer and community. Don't get caught up in the little things, more often than not just talking to someone about it will make you feel much better and understand why your body is responding a certain way, etc. Remember, we are here to help the whole way!


Remember that good things take time, your health and fitness journey is a marathon not a sprint. There will be challenges along the way but once you commit for the long haul the results will be well worth it.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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