Optimising NEAT*

Wednesday, 1 July 2020, By Jordie Rowe

Many people think that the only way to burn calories is through scheduled exercise sessions, but that's far from the truth. This is where NEAT comes into play.

NEAT also known as Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, is the energy we use for everything we do when we are not exercising or sleeping. There are many tasks that we do each day that you may not realise expend calories, such as cleaning, walking, fidgeting and much more. So, in essence NEAT increases metabolic rate and results in a substantial caloric output over time.

Both weight loss and weight maintenance can be made easier with a clear understanding of NEAT.

Research suggests that individuals who move throughout the day are more likely to reach or maintain weight loss goals versus those who are sedentary throughout the day and vigorously move through one exercise session. Therefore, a greater caloric output occurs throughout the day rather than in one vigorous session.

With that said, there are many different jobs which will impact each individual caloric output. For example, someone who has a desk job and who is sedentary for most of the day will have much lower levels of NEAT compared to someone who has a job that requires them to be on their feet all day.

So how can you increase your NEAT throughout the week?

  • Instead of driving to work, try walk, bike or bus to work. Or if you need to drive, try park further away.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Create a step target.
  • Instead of meeting up for coffee, grab take away and go for a walk.
  • Go for a brisk walk on your lunch break.
  • Play with your kids.
  • Walk your dog.
  • Clean your house.


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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