So you want to run a Marathon? Part 2 What to expect*

Thursday, 3 September 2015, By Richard Ivanov

What to expect:

Definitely lots of running. It's that simple. I always tell my clients that to run a marathon you need to run, run and run. When I did my first marathon I only had 9 weeks of solid preparations. At the time I was coming from the nasty knee injury when playing semi-professionally second division basketball in Sydney for North Sydney Bears. When I got all cleared to train and to run I only had just under 9 weeks to get ready. And let me tell you with that training I was in some dark places when running in my first Sydney marathon in 2010. Sydney put on a show of 30C that day which is not ideal weather for long runs. Some might argue that I already had some foundation being a personal trainer and basketball player but still I was in the hurt-locker. So ever since then I always tell my clients to give themselves enough time to train.

  • Run, run and run. Early mornings, lunches or evenings. Whatever works for you
  • Try to prepare yourself for every weather scenario. If you never go for run because it's too cold, too hot or raining but on the day of your marathon that's is exactly what can happen and you might be very surprised.
  • Expect some life, nutrition and lifestyle changes
  • You will hurt. A lot sometimes J
  • But also expect some awesome things. I still remember my last 1km to go and 1000s of people/strangers lining up the street cheering for you. When they call your name in those last few meters before the finish line... That FEELING is mind-blowing. Because you have just done it.


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