Skye Hackett

11kg Weight Loss*



On a whim I called Vision Personal Training Mosman and joined; something that would have a huge impact on my life.

I started at Vision the total novice. Never been to a gym before, never really been on a diet nor any idea how to use the machines.

I was matched with Georgie (perfect match) we both chat and gossip but somehow manage to fit in the weights and she pushes me to my limit.

Nine week challenge was the goal. I am naturally a very competitive person and always succeed. My goal was to win the whole challenge, but on starting i soon realised that it was not about winning the competition but it was a lifestyle change for me, and very quickly the weight just dropped off and I noticed that I was slowly becoming fitter.

Through the challenge I quickly learnt that the things that I loved the most were meant to be treats and should only be had in moderation. The amount of food was difficult but I owered through, turning away canapes, and alcohol.

Through the challenge I became the master of the packed lunch/dinner of steamed chicken and salad and taking bean shoots or shredded spinach into restaurants with me to eat instead of Rice or Cous Cous.

I learnt that 5 meals are perfect for my metabolism and at least 45 minutes of exercise a day keeps me in good shape. 2 sessions at the gym and walking Awaba Street for the rest.

Prior to Vision and the 9 week challenge I was generally a good eater, not much processed food and I tend to make everything from scratch and grow my own vegies, but I found that I hardly eat carbohydrates. The challenge pushed me to eat more for breakfast and more carbohydrates in the morning and none or little after lunch, which in turn set me up for the day and I found I was not peckish in the late afternoon.

Coming from a wine making family the hardest was definitely the no alcohol, I became very good at the whole designator driver thing (something I have never done since learning how to drive) I find I drink less now and tend to appreciate it more.

I'm very grateful to the team at Vision for helping me on this journey and teaching me the skills a healthy lifestyle.

From never stepping foot in a gym and knowing nothing I now can use most of the machines in the gym, (some are still a mystery) most of the exercises I can do (some I have to be shown first) and I can participate in the boxing classes and finish them. I am in the same size now I was in year 10 and need a whole new wardrobe. I butterfly has emerged, new outlook on life, new colour hair, new figure and new lifestyle. The more you put into the gym and your health the more you will get out that is very true. I never realised it before.

Thank you to all the team especially Georgie.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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Skye Hackett

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*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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