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Mathew Cooper

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Clinton Lucas

“Fitness isn’t just a career choice; it is a way of life.” Clint was meant to have a life in the Health and Fitness Industry, and just after leaving school his journey begun. He has dedicated the last 7 years to his chosen lifestyle, and all of this has been with Vision Personal Training. From his humble beginnings as a Personal Trainer to now owning his Studio, Clint’s dedication to his Clients and staff is an ongoing inspiration to show us that dreams can come true. Over the years he has achieved some amazing personal and professional goals. Clint is a runaholic and has run 5 overseas marathons, from London to New York, done 2 half Iron Men, Clint has also helped countless people change their lives in the neutral bay area, and realize that losing weight is just the beginning of a new you. Some career highlights have been helping one Client lose over 40kg and to run a marathon. These and many more examples show Clint’s commitment to his Vision Family at Neutral Bay. By far Clint’s most amazing achievement in life is his beautiful son, who is always in the Studio. The next generation of Vision. Clint understands family/work life balance.

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