Scott Mathers

I have turned my life around!*



My personal health situation was at a crossroads. I was obese; completely out of shape, I needed a solution to my ballooning weight - 123kg and the subsequent decline in self esteem and self worth that comes with being obese.  I lacked energy, and I desperately needed help. I began my search for a good trainer and a nutritionist, and it was extensive! However, I knew even then, the benefits of having a good support system so despite trying many different options I kept looking for the right fit.

 I found both in Vision Personal Training and the team at Vision Neutral Bay.

Vision Personal Training offered excellent training along with an expert nutrition program. I decided with guidance from my trainer that I needed to focus on both in order to change my life and achieve the results I desired. The combination of this expertise, support and education far exceeded my expectations! The trainers have shown me empathy, honesty, integrity, patience and given me purpose.  I truly believe that the enthusiasm and passion they have to help clients achieve their individual goals is unique.


I have certainly turned my life around in this respect, but somewhat unexpectedly I have also become passionate about being active.  I would never have thought when I started at Vision Neutral Bay that I would be running marathons around Australia and the world, competing in Half-Ironmans and triathlons, and getting through obstacle courses but even better than just finishing all those events, I actually enjoy them.


Vision Personal Training Neutral Bay saved my life and allowed me to achieve things that I thought were unattainable for me. I owe them my gratitude and sincere appreciation.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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