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At Vision Personal Training North Strathfield, our friendly and motivated staff will help you reach your individual fitness or weight loss goals - the fast, friendly and fun way! Vision Personal Training is unlike any other fitness studio - so come and experience the Vision Personal Training difference today! 

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Trung Nguyen (AKA "T")

Trung Nguyen (AKA “T”) Trung Nguyen heads up the Vision North Strathfield team with an energy and passion that perfectly reflects his character. As the fastest growing Studio in the history of Vision Personal Training, Vision North Strathfield is filled with a sense of community and spirit that is defined by their core value – Happiness. Trung’s personal commitment to his team, his clients, and his community ensures that the environment at Vision North Strathfield is one where every individual is cared for and treated as part of the family. Not only does the phenomenal growth of this studio reflect this commitment, but so too does the amazing reputation that Vision North Strathfield has developed in the community. Supporting a host of local groups and charities, Trung and his team can be found supporting such causes as local soccer and netball teams, local bowling clubs, local schools and child care centres, Thalassaemia of NSW, Little Wonders, and Cancer Council Australia, Beyond Blue, Bowl Cancer Australia. Trung is excited about the quality of service delivered by his amazing team and has been endorsed by Vision Personal Training Headquarters for exceptional standards with a Gold Star rating. The Team at Vision North Strathfield are proud of the positive impact they have had on their clients and community. With loads of parking, a train station 1 minute away, and a bus stop at the front door, becoming part of the Vision North Strathfield family is easy. Come and join us!

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