Friday, 20 May 2016, By Amanda Baker

1-NOT READING FOOD LABELS- A study in the Journal of Consumer Affairs showed that people who habitually read food labels as well as do regular exercise lose more weight than those who just simply exercise. Even better, those who only read food labels and are sedentary, lose more than those who exercise and don't read the labels.

2-OVER WEIGHT CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE- If your friends gain weight, the chances are that you will too, according to a study from Harvard University. The study found that having four obese friends doubled people's chances of becoming obese compared with people with no obese friends.

3-NOT CHEWING ENOUGH- The longer food at food remains in your mouth, the more chance your tongue has to send messages to the brain to release the necessary digestive juices.

4-EATING AT WORK- Research shows that we typically eat 30% more calories in company then when alone and that women at work are more likely to be influenced by the diet patterns of colleagues than men. In one study, female secretaries ate 5.6 times more chocolate if it was on a nearby desk of a colleague than if hey had to walk two metres to get them.

5-NOT GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP- A study published he the journal Sleep suggested that too little sleep encourages the genes that cause weight gain. Longer (nine hours) suppresses the action of see "Obesity" genes.

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