Emily Crozier

I feel amazing in my own skin!*



Whats scary, is to look back and think how it was or how it could have been if I didn't take the steps I have now.

Joining Vision North Strathfield has been one of the most irreplaceable experiences I have had. I have physically, but more importantly, mentally have had such an amazing journey.

I started Vision in January 2016, weighing just over 100kgs, and seeing those 3 digits made me realise my lifestyle needed to change.

I had a tough time in highschool with teenage drama and I blamed the way I looked on those experiences and memories. I didn't value myself when I looked in the mirror and it's amazing now to see the new me living a more balanced routine lifestyle - where health is incorporated whole heartedly.

Having only just passed my teenage years, I've managed to fit training into my life, working around a part time job and a full time university degree. I once though of Bryan and Luke as just my trainers, but the amount of time and effort they have placed into me has seen them become great friends. I have a new redeemed self-confidence in myself and I am so grateful to the team - both the clients and trainers for their support and continual efforts to push me to my limits.

losing 28kg in total now has taught me that doing nothing is the only reason why things won't change. It took my 2 years out of school to do something to make me happy, to live a little and feel more comfortable in my own skin and I am looking forward to more of the culture being incorporated into my lifestyle.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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