Wilson Sousksamlane

18kg Weight Loss, Big Red Run 250km, Oxfam Trailwalker (100km)*



Before joining Vision, I really didn't do much exercise except for the odd game of tennis and football with mates. The main reason as to why I joined Vision was due to my mother. She started to worry about how much weight I had put on since I left high school. She heard about Vision from a friend of hers who had lost quite a lot of weight, she forced me into going and trying the gym.

After joining Vision my life has completely changed. I used to just sit at home and game, now, since I started at the gym I have become more active.  I am playing more sports like tennis, boxing and badminton. At first, I didn't really like Vision, mainly due to the diet change but as time went on I started to see how important the diet change was for weight loss. I started to feel more energized and became much more active. I also started to go to events such as the raw challenge and the sand dunes run which I found to be a tone of fun because of how warm and welcoming the Vision community are.

With the help of my Trainers Joe and Jamie, I have constantly reached and surpassed my goals. I have gone from 96kg to 70kg, a size 36 to 30 in jeans and a size XL to S in t-shirts. I now enjoy going to Vision and I am looking forward to my next event which is a half marathon. Thanks to Vision I am a lot more confident in the way I look and I am much active then I used to be.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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