The Benefits Of Stretching*

Tuesday, 23 January 2018, By Aaron Kornel


Stretching has amazing abilities to help increase a range of issues from squat depth, releasing endorphins, increasing blood circulating, fascia tension, trigger point releasing to stretch reflex releasing.

Just as we all know here at Vision, exercise is crucial for building to that goal that you have with your Trainers on a daily basis. Stretching needs to be applied to ensure that your body feels relaxed and ready for a new burst of energy and warmth to the working muscles.

You may be asking, why do I need to stretch? How do I stretch? How long and when do I stretch? What should I be focusing whilst stretching? The best person to ask is YOUR TRAINERS!!! Your Trainer is in the top 10% of the nation's Trainers with knowledge and is up to date about the stretching routines and quality stretches that get the muscle working and relaxed. So, if you want that peace of mind for your muscle to work with you, whist exercising, drive to succeed in stretching.

SKIP PRE-WORKOUT STRETCHING!!! Whoa, you best be sure you have a great excuse for not stretching, and even if you did, did you really think you can get away with allowing your muscles to be tensed up and inflamed with micro tears to not be replenished or repaired after a session? Why would you do this? The simple answer... RUSHING!! Don't rush, even if you have 5 mins of time, always, and I mean always stretch. The benefits of stretching after a session are amazing. I have stretched many of the North Sydney Vision clients and they all walk away feeling relaxed, loose and relieved.  I provide REVIVE CLASSES and 1 on 1 class to help the members of our small friendly studio to achieve better results and to ensure that their comfort and functionality is key.

The best way to stretch is to focus on the prime muscles that were used in the session. Any other small muscles such as the calves, triceps, biceps, and traps can always be stretched on your own or at another time.  By spending quality time on the prime muscles, this encourages better blood circulation and also helps relax the major functioning muscles that are used on a daily basis. These muscles are the muscles such as chest (pectoralis major) lats (latissimus dorsi), quads (too many to name) hamstrings (yet again too many to name), glutes (gluteus maximus). Stretching these muscles in a PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) form, will help stretch the muscle like an elastic band. Therefore, we are able to apply some pressure in the pushing and pulling phases of the stretch, which in turn at the time can feel very tender, but in doing so you will create a better range of motion (ROM) with that particular muscle. Once completed, stand up and feel amazed by the release.

Bringing movement into your stretch can also create what we call a "mid stretch repetition". This is most formidable way in stretching the muscle under load and torque can also be applied to increase or reduce the stretch at the time.

My best advice to the amazing community reading this article is to visit Vision Personal Training Studio in North Sydney, get started with a Trainer and enjoy the amazing qualities that we can offer, take up a revive class or just ask me (AJ) to give you the ultimate stretch session.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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