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Luis Martinez

Luis has had a passion for health, nutrition and exercise since the year 2000 when he started his journey while in school. Luis decided to start in the work force as an Accountant and later became a Financial Planner having a role at AMP however, after being in the financial industry for 5 years Luis decided to follow his passion and become a Fitness Professional and it was the best decision of his life! Luis's journey as a Vision Personal Trainer started in 2013 with the goal in mind of one day owning a Vision Personal Training Studio, Luis also started a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise and Sports Science to further his knowledge and ability to add value to his clients and team members. After 3 years of success as a Personal Trainer and Senior Personal Trainer having helped numerous clients to lose up to 30kg, Luis decided to take a step forward in his career and purchase his first Vision Studio! Luis has also a huge interest in Practical Psychology, human emotions and human behaviours which have helped him connect with people, clients and team members at a whole new level allowing him to create an outstanding team culture and relationships with all clients/friends. Luis and the team at Vision Personal Training Parramatta hold a very high standard of performance and are totally committed to make the studio a place where there are no limiting barriers and where with the support of the team all clients/friends can be looked after at an emotional and physical level to achieve an outstanding level of health!

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